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What is the function of automobile three-way catalyst
source:www.bahbkj.comRelease time:2016年04月13日
The function of three-way catalyst is to convert the harmful gas removed by the automobile into harmless gas. The main harmful gases in automobile exhaust are carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (no) and hydrocarbons (HC). Three way catalysis is a series of chemical reactions between some chemicals and harmful gases in exhaust gas.

The functions of three-way catalyst are as follows:

1. The three-way catalytic converter can reduce the harmful gas in the automobile exhaust emission, decompose the harmful gas into H2O and CO2 in the process of passing through the three-way catalytic converter, reduce the amount of harmful gas, and meet certain requirements;

2. Three way catalytic converter is the most important external purification device installed in automobile exhaust system. It can convert harmful gases such as CO, HC and NOx in automobile exhaust into harmless carbon dioxide through oxidation and reduction. Water and nitrogen.

3. The catalyst can simultaneously convert the main harmful substances in the exhaust gas into harmless substances, so it is called ternary catalyst.

4. Simply put, the three-way catalyst only purifies the exhaust gas. If it is broken, it means that the exhaust gas purification is not good. The vehicle shall not pass the annual inspection. It has no effect on the drive and engine. Some car owners have destroyed Sanyuan in order to improve the power of the vehicle. Smashed. The acceleration effect is good, but the fuel consumption will increase relatively.
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