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  1. [2016-03-10]

    What is the main function of Shandong ternary catalysis in automobile? How is it damaged?

    The three-way catalysis in automobile mainly plays the role of purifying exhaust gas. It mainly refers to harmful gases formed after engine combustion, such as nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons, which are converted into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen through oxidation and reduction.

  2. [2016-03-01]

    Three way catalytic converter purification device you must know

    The three-way catalytic converter is the most important and the only external purification device installed in the automobile exhaust system. It can oxidize and reduce harmful gases in automobile exhaust, such as CO, HC and NOx, and finally convert them into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. With more and more strict environmental protection requirements, and this catalytic converter ca

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