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How often is the three-way catalytic converter replaced
source:www.bahbkj.comRelease time:2016年04月13日
The replacement time of automobile three-way catalyst of Shandong Baoan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is introduced as follows. I hope it will be helpful to you

1. Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturers generally need to clean every 30000 km;

2. When you feel that the fuel consumption and power of the vehicle are reduced, you need to check the three-way catalyst and clean it as needed;

3. It is best to clean the three-way catalyst when cleaning the vehicle for maintenance of fuel injection nozzle, throttle and air inlet;

4. The three-way catalyst was cleaned before the vehicle inspection last year to ensure that it passed the exhaust gas inspection smoothly.

The honeycomb structure of Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturer is easy to be blocked. Due to the poor quality of domestic fuel, the use of manganese containing Antiknock Agents and the use of sulfur and phosphorus containing antioxidants in lubricating oil lead to road congestion, and the three-way catalyst is prone to poisoning, failure and blockage. If the above situation occurs, the effective method is to take it out for cleaning, but it is too troublesome and the labor cost is high.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the three-way catalyst at ordinary times.

Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturer

1. Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturers do not use inferior gasoline. When the fuel quality is poor, the fuel contains sulfur, phosphorus and lead, and the antiknock agent used contains manganese. As the exhaust gas is discharged after combustion, these chemical components will form chemical complexes in the three-way catalyst. If it goes on like this, three yuan will be blocked. This is also the main cause of ternary blocking.

2. Try to ensure the normal operation of the engine and keep the air-fuel ratio in the best state. Urban roads are crowded, driving and parking conditions will cause insufficient fuel combustion, and incomplete combustion products will adhere to the surface of the three-way catalyst. It not only increases the working intensity of the ternary system, but also is easy to form carbon deposits on the ternary system, resulting in blockage. It can be clearly seen that the three-way catalyst is seriously blocked before cleaning, and the honeycomb results after cleaning can be clearly seen, and the cleaning effect is clear at a glance.

3. After cleaning the throttle valve and fuel injector, Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturer suggests that the three-way catalyst be cleaned finally. This is because the carbon deposit removed when cleaning the throttle valve and fuel injector enters the three-way catalyst along with the exhaust pipe. When carbon deposition is serious, ternary will be blocked. Remove carbon deposits, restore power, and solve the problems of high fuel consumption, poor power and substandard exhaust emission. It is simple, fast and worry-free!
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