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Main working principle of three-way catalyst
source:www.bahbkj.comRelease time:2016年04月13日
Shandong three-way catalytic converter is a relatively small mechanism in the automobile exhaust system, which is not connected with other components. The existence of three-way catalytic converter can make the automobile more environmentally friendly, mainly because its structure can reduce the harmful substances of automobile exhaust gas. In the three-way catalytic converter, the exhaust gas of the engine needs to pass through the substances coated with "precious metals", which will react with the harmful emissions and catalyze or change their properties, The three-way catalyst can "clean" such harmful emissions for a long time.
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There are no moving parts inside the three-way catalyst. All cleaning operations are completed through ingenious chemical reactions. The catalyst is a thick substrate with a fine grid cross-section, and many precious metal coatings such as platinum, palladium, rhodium are deposited on it. These precious metals are the catalysts that actually participate in the reaction. Whether emissions, gasoline, diesel oil or engine oil can react with these precious metals and quickly convert them into less harmful substances mainly nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water.
In addition to understanding the environmental protection function and working principle of the three-way catalyst, we must also understand its shortcomings. A large amount of precious metal coating is the main reason for its high cost. When the engine breaks down, the three-way catalyst may be damaged. Basically, there is no way to repair it. Cleaning is only a means to make money, and it has little practical effect. On the contrary, it may reduce the effect of the three-way catalyst. Another thing to note is that the three-way catalyst needs a lot of heat to work. If you drive frequently for very short distances, the three-way catalyst will not work.

In fact, the way to judge the fault of the three-way catalyst is very simple. There is an icon on the car dashboard to indicate whether the three-way catalyst is normal. Generally speaking, the three-way catalyst is not easy to be damaged or failed without any external force. The three-way catalyst is an assembly with simple mechanical structure but obvious chemical performance. The three-way catalyst helps your car exhaust cleaner gas anywhere.
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