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Do you know where the three-way catalyst is in the car
source:www.bahbkj.comRelease time:2016年04月13日
Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturer is the most important external purification device installed in the automobile exhaust system.

The catalyst can simultaneously convert various main harmful substances in automobile exhaust into harmless substances. With the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, more and more vehicles are equipped with exhaust catalytic converters and oxygen sensor devices, which can convert harmful gases such as CO, HC and NOx emitted from vehicle exhaust into harmless gases through oxidation and reduction. Carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen.

This catalyst is called three-way catalyst because it can simultaneously convert various main harmful substances in exhaust gas into harmless substances.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the use of Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturers

For the early failure of three-way catalyst, the following matters shall be noted during use:

1. Do not use leaded gasoline.

2. Do not run at high speed for a long time (open-loop control state).

3. Do not allow the engine speed to increase or decrease suddenly.

4. Don't fire too late.

6. Do not pull out the high-voltage line for a long time for fire test.

7. When measuring the cylinder pressure, unplug the central control connector of the fuel pump and stop the fuel injector from injecting fuel into the cylinder.

8. When the Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturer finds that the cylinder is not working properly, it shall stop the machine for inspection in time to eliminate the fault.

9. Avoid many factors that cause the mixture to be too rich, such as poor closing of fuel injection nozzle, failure of fuel pressure regulator (high oil pressure), failure of oxygen sensor, failure of air flow sensor, etc.

10. As long as the three-way catalyst is used correctly, it generally does not need maintenance, so do not disassemble it casually. If replacement is required, it must be matched with the engine.
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