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Do you know the detailed knowledge and principle of Shandong three-way catalyst
source:www.bahbkj.comRelease time:2016年04月13日
1、 What is a three-way catalyst manufacturer?

The engine exhaust gas of Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturer contains harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The three-way catalyst is a conversion device that can convert the three harmful gases into harmless substances. Shandong three-way catalyst manufacturer is installed in the exhaust pipe, which looks like a muffler. The outer cylinder is made of double-layer stainless steel plate, and the interlayer is equipped with thermal insulation material - asbestos fiber felt. Inside the steel cylinder is a high-temperature resistant ceramic carrier, with dense honeycomb pores in the longitudinal direction (spherical, polygonal and other shapes are also available) Net partition, etc.), and its surface is sprayed with extremely thin platinum, rhodium and palladium active catalytic layers as purification agents (also known as catalysts).

2、 Operating principle

When the engine exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe, due to the catalytic action of the purifier in the three-way catalytic converter, the activities of CO, HC and NOx are enhanced, so as to carry out oxidation-reduction reaction. CO is oxidized to colorless at high temperature. Toxic CO2 and HC compounds are oxidized to H2O and CO2 at high temperature, and NOx is reduced to N2 (nitrogen) and O2 (oxygen), so as to purify the exhaust emissions of the engine.

3、 "Three way catalyst" blockage fault performance

1. The first stage is a slight blockage stage. At this stage, the chemical complex is adsorbed on the catalyst surface. It only means that the exhaust gas purification function is reduced. Excessive exhaust emissions.

2. The second stage is the moderate plugging stage: the chemical complexes accumulate on the catalyst surface to a certain extent, and the exhaust back pressure increases in this stage. Increased fuel consumption and reduced power

3. The third stage is the severe blockage stage. Due to serious blockage, the working temperature of "three-way catalyst" rises. A high-temperature sintering plug is formed at the front end of the three-way catalyst.

4. High temperature sintering blockage. There are two kinds of high-temperature sintering plugging: one is metal sintering plugging. The first is carbon deposition blockage and sintering coking. It is determined by the use of lead and manganese containing Antiknock Agents in the fuel. At this stage, the power drops seriously and the flame often stagnates. In serious cases, the exhaust pipe will burn red and even cause spontaneous combustion of the vehicle.

Three way catalytic converter
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