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Three way catalytic converter purification device you must know
source:www.bahbkj.comRelease time:2016年03月01日
The three-way catalytic converter is the most important and the only external purification device installed in the automobile exhaust system. It can oxidize and reduce harmful gases in automobile exhaust, such as CO, HC and NOx, and finally convert them into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. With more and more strict environmental protection requirements, and this catalytic converter can convert the main harmful substances in the exhaust gas into harmless substances, more and more cars are equipped with three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor devices. In the engine exhaust system.

Working principle of three-way catalytic converter: when high-temperature automobile exhaust passes through the purification device, the catalyst will enhance the activity of three gases Co, HC and NOx, and promote certain oxidation-reduction reaction. Among them, CO becomes colorless at high temperature. The non-toxic carbon dioxide gas oxidizes HC to water (H2O) and carbon dioxide at high temperature, reduces NOx to nitrogen and oxygen, and finally purifies automobile exhaust.

But most people don't know that they will have such equipment after buying a car, let alone protect it. I believe most people know this when they first come into contact with this kind of purification equipment, almost only when the annual exhaust gas test does not meet the standard. And because many people ignore this, it is too late for them to find that the acceleration is very weak and the fuel consumption increases suddenly. In this case, the three-way catalyst is usually blocked due to carbon deposition. Although there are various claims that carbon deposits can be removed and the initial effect can be restored, the actual effect is not ideal. At this time, it is better to replace the catalyst with higher performance. Domestic catalytic converter brand MCKAYLA (English abbreviation: MKL), MCKAYLA has conducted long-term research before developing three-way catalytic converter. Its core 300 molybdenum ternary catalytic carrier was purchased from Japan, the world's largest carrier manufacturer. Through Euro 5 online inspection and offline emission standards, that is, under the condition of ensuring that the exhaust gas passes through, ensure that the exhaust gas emission indicators do not exceed the standards. Replacement and installation are relatively simple. Without skilled experience, you can complete the installation through your own exploration, so the quality is not bad.
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