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What are the functions of the three-way catalyst
source:www.bahbkj.comRelease time:2016年04月13日
Three-way catalytic converter is an important external purification equipment installed in automobile exhaust system. It can convert harmful gases (such as CO, HC and NOx) in automobile exhaust into harmless carbon dioxide, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen through oxidation and reduction. Because the catalyst can simultaneously convert the main harmful substances in the exhaust gas into harmless substances. With the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection, more and more vehicles are equipped with exhaust catalytic converters and oxygen sensor devices. It is also known as the three-way (high efficiency) catalytic converter because carbon dioxide and nitrogen are installed in the exhaust pipe of the engine through oxidation-reduction reaction

The working principle of the three-way catalyst is: when the high-temperature automobile exhaust passes through the purification device, the purifier acted by the three-way catalyst will enhance the activity of the three gases Co, HC and NOx, and promote certain oxidation-reduction chemical reactions. Oxidize Co into colorless and nontoxic carbon dioxide gas at high temperature; HC compounds are oxidized to water (H2O) and carbon dioxide at high temperature; NOx is reduced to nitrogen and oxygen. The three harmful gases turn into harmless gases, which can purify automobile exhaust. Automobile three-way catalytic converter

Three way catalytic converter. jpg

There are two types of zirconia and titanium oxide in the three-way catalyst.

The three-way catalytic converter structure of multi cylinder gasoline engine includes front and rear flanges, oxygen sensor seats, inlet and outlet end covers and housings, as well as the three-way catalytic converter inside the housing. The improvement of the utility model is that the transition R shape of the three-way catalytic converter and the size of the air inlet end cover are controlled as follows: R ↓ [1] = 20, R ↓ [2] = 60; The installation angle of the oxygen sensor is the oxygen sensor. The angle between the center line of the seat mounting hole and the center line of the three-way catalytic converter shall be controlled to be 65 °. With the above structure, the intake air flow can be evenly distributed, and the three-way catalytic converter can work under a certain back pressure and flow distribution, so as to ensure effective catalytic conversion efficiency. The three-way catalytic converter can purify harmful gases. Then meet some emission regulations; The installation position of the oxygen sensor shall ensure that the detection point of the signal is the intersection of the mixed gas, so as to effectively control λ Value.
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